The Brandscape

Need a desk or a studio? We're looking for studiomates!

The Brandscape is an open-concept artist studio with coworking space that also serves as rentable event venue and shooting space. It is 2500 squarefeet with a 12’x12’x10’ cyclowall, coworking tables, a gender-neutral toilet, and a kitchen. The venue was started in 2016 by the artist-run company Tough Guy Mountain. The storefront space is guest curated. We have hosted app-launches, album releases and exhibitions.
Tough Guy Mountain is a Toronto based artist-run company focusing on the glories, trials, and absurdity of late capitalism. As an artist collective of over a dozen members, TGM creates “total works of art”, presentations of capitalist aesthetic and consumer culture. TGM creates narrative performances where the collective plays a fantastical corporation that treats Art as another client. Learn more about the work of Tough Guy Mountain here.